The NEW DIMENSION GROUP  exists to help meet the energy needs of a rapidly changing world. One of the independentenergy trading companies, we find, extract, trade, refine, store and transport materials and resources from where supply is abundant to where demand is great. We forge connections; we help make things happen and markets work.  

There, any apparent similarities with other oil and gas conglomerates end. We do things differently, and the difference lies less in what we do than how we do it.  


The following summary of the activities of our Group..


Ameen Al-Zubydi Company for Trade Agencies:-


Had been established in 1990 under No. 80331 grade (excellent) Issued by Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.

This company works as an agent for many companies to get large quantities of Iraqi crude oil and other oil products,

Some of them: -

A - Nefteodacha Trading Engineering  consulting Co. / Russia 

B – O.C. London limited Co. / U.K..

C -   Xanthis S.A.Co. / Greece  d - Oil & Every Ltd Co. / U.K.  


In addition to this it has representations  to many well Known companies in The Ministry of Oil and other Ministries In Iraq such as: -


1 - Texas Gulf Supply corporation / U.S.A

2 - Fuel Nation Co. / U.S.A. 

3 - Centurion Co. / Canada

4 - Orbit ICA Co. (Oil equipment) / Ukraine

5 - Topline Trading Company (Indian CIPLA Co.) / U.A.E.

6 - Atlas Co. / U.A.E. 


New Dimension Trading Company (Dubai –U.A.E.)


Had been established in Dubai under license No. 40687 Dated 30.05.2005. We have partnership with Gulf Petroleum Company , and we got the largest contract for the processing of gas oil with the Iraqi Oil Ministry in favor of the Ministry of Electricity, on 1 April 2012 ,and we are now continuing through the processing Vessels ,tankers and specialized staff in this area.

We are also have cooperation with companies and refineries and Companies such as : 

1- Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ( ADNOC ) .

2 - Emirates National Oil Company ( ENOC) .

3 - The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C ( BAPCO )


New Dimension Oil Services  Company :-


Our Company for oil services Ltd. is a reputable Iraqi organization established in 2014. Main office located in Baghdad and

branch offices in Basra and  Kirkuk in Iraq.  Company is a major provider of oil and gas services from different areas of Iraq,

The Company prides itself in being at this job in this part of the world, having completed about 5 years of oil and gas services.

In the early days, through the huge commercial quantities of oil, surveys carried out by our companies, The three offices

(Baghdad, Basra and Kirkuk) became major to follow up oil and gas producers to be the first to provide all the support needed.

We have Joint Venture with Arabian Gulf Pearl Marine Services Co.

We have gained the trust and confidence of all major oil companies by providing safe, efficient, and  environmentally

conscious  handling and transfer  of all oil  products by land with a  fleet of  managed.


New Dimension For General Trade and General Contracts :-


New Dimension is in the 12 position within the hundred Iraqi rapid growing companies .New Dimension Trading and Contracting  Co. is one of the distinct companies which follow studied plans and polices since its foundation in  ( 2003 ) , these polices emphasize on scientific and actual solutions based on investment in human resources and seeking to attract qualified employees who participate in achieving the company's policy and strategy reflected in the government projects and plans aiming to develop the infrastructure which in turn witnessed great development in all life aspects hence the government adopted many developmental projects . the company's ambition extended to many achievement and in applying flexible policy to be pioneer in the private and government construction sectors.The company executed many big projects reflected in the huge number of projects executed with the last Ten years.New Dimension is one of the huge construction companies in the execution of medical cites , hospitals , universities andeducational centers . hence the company obtained the pioneer prize in executing medical projects over the middle east, inaddition the company was listed within the big hundred Iraqi companies for many years and also within the fast growing Iraqicompanies . The company is approved by many local and global bodies in the execution of many projects.



 Unique Land For General Trade and General Contracts :-


Since the company was founded in 2009 and its core projects in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, dams and break up the rock and water works, drainage, telephone and electrical work. The company works with several government agencies, including the shrine and the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Water and Electricity and the Ministry of Higher Education and the industrial cities and several others. The company has implemented a number of vital projects in all regions of  IRAQ and the company is working very hard to stay at the forefront of major companies operating in the same field in IRAQ, where the degree of classification of first grade.


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